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The First Trimester During the first month of pregnancy the amniotic sac forms around the baby. The amniotic sac is filled with fluids that protect the baby throughout the pregnancy. The placenta will also form doing the first month of pregnancy. The placenta connects to the umbilical cord and will give him or her the nutrients, and will also take away the waste from the baby. During the second month the baby’s body slowly starts to develop. He or she starts to form little arms, fingers, legs, toes, eyes, and ears. Even the major organs of your baby are starting to develop during the second month. By the end of the third month your baby is completely formed. They are still so small though, on average only about three inches long at this point. At the end of your first trimester it becomes less likely for you to miscarry. The Second Trimester During the fourth month of pregnancy the fingers and toes of your baby become…show more content…
He or she will be able to hear other noises happening on the outside over your heartbeat. The baby’s eyes are now working well and will be able to notice changes in light. By the end of your seventh month, if you end up birthing prematurely, it is more likely that your baby will be able to survive. In the eighth month your baby will start to position them self upside down in order to get ready for birth. You may be able to see his or her heel or elbow outside of your belly. You may start to feel very strong activity from your baby now because it is getting pretty tight inside your womb. Congratulations, you have made it to the ninth month! Your little one is now fully formed. He or she will be getting ready for birth. They will be in the fetal position with their head resting against your birth canal. The bones of your baby are so soft so they can make their journey through your birth canal. Most babies are not born on their actual due date. He or she could come anywhere from 37-42

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