First World War Dbq Analysis

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World War I saw many casualties throughout its duration, and even though this caused a great uproar in the world, it had a lesser significance on social issues. This gruesome war was fought primarily with no motivation except for the fact it is a war with many allies. With whites owning the war, in terms of population and rank, African Americans became outcasts, only to be seen in regiments of their own race. Gaining some level of Authority amongst their black regiments, the African American troops were placed in trenches miles apart from whites. Discrimination against African American has always ended in violence, and though they served in the war, hostility and contempt still ensued them towards the end and shortly after World War I. With…show more content…
Henry Cabot Lodge discussed his opposed opinion on the matter of the League of Nations, “I have always loved one flag and I cannot share that devotion with a mongrel banner created for a League” (Doc H). His opposition only proves that the world is not ready for a change of such magnitude, one which could have helped the situation African Americans were in. However all it ended in was a collapse of one dream that was recreated decades later. A map indicating the Woman suffrage in 1912 shows that most eastern states have achieved it, yet these are only white woman (Doc F). They would not even consider this for African American women because segregation was too prevalent and even though they saw some promise for socially advancing it was overcome with everything going back to the way it was after the war. As a result of the two factors mentioned thereof, no change occurred with African American rights or social…show more content…
When Africans joined the war only terrible things would come of it, as it became like slavery all over again except instead of hard labor they were dying from either being shot or disease. The Africans at the end of the war still had no voice and were completely shunned through all of their triumph. To try to solve all of the world 's problems the League of Nations was proposed, but criticized for its likelihood to be effective. Without World War I, the world would of had more revolutionary change for Africans, but for its occurrence it halted the growth and could not push for anything to become urgent, which is why African Americans did not get rights until 50 years
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