First World War Dbq Essay

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War; what is it good for? Well that really depends on where you’re standing. World War I was good for producing short and long term effects. On the short side of things there were rivalries and propaganda. On the long term side, there were new ideas to be utilized by coming generations and new territorial set ups. Many nations joined the war to support their allies and to work against a common enemy. Without the players, there can be no game.

Several countries entered the war; mostly as back up to support their allies. Europe was split up into two main alliances that were pit against each other in every situation. While one country sought to bolster another country, a different country from the opposing alliance would seek to thwart the country’s ambitions (Doc A). Even if the two opposing sides attempted to communicate, they had such different ideas that they could not come to a compromise. The alliances were so strong that if one country threatened to go to war with the opposing side,
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One of these was the romanticism of war. Everyone viewed the war as a strong, noble, and patriotic cause. Propaganda would go out to arouse people’s interest in the war and urge them to enlist. Oddly enough, it brought people together more than peacetime would. However, all that excitement fades away as soon as those people hit the scenes of the war (Doc C, D, & E). Not everyone was focused on supporting their country, however. Some citizens would become upset at the way their country was conducting themselves with the war and revolt (Doc H). After the war, each nation had different ideas of how to keep the peace. These ideas obviously did not work, seeing as 21 years later, another world war rolled around (Doc I). Along with this, the war left a lasting impact on employment and finances and dropped people into a great depression (Doc K). World War I brought about many new things, however as we have seen, some did not last very
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