First Year Goal Essay

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Goals for the New Position: Early Months to One Year My goals are to evaluate the options for nurse practitioner in the homecare setting, develop a plan for selection, and evaluate the best place of employment. The plan for section and evaluation pertain to months one, two, and three. The first year goal is to master the advance beginner level. My preference is to work in the homecare coming setting to care for the disabled, homeless, and elderly as my personality traits of being compassionate, kindhearted, and caring can manifest into providing top quality care. Other settings that needs to be evaluated include assistant living, long term residential care, and clinics. In the assistant living setting, it is possible to be on call during specific times…show more content…
The identified objectives are to increase in expertise level, overcome fears, According to Brenner (2001), the advanced beginner provides slightly acceptable in performing the functions of a role. With this, it is necessary to examine what is appealing in the new role as a FNP. Embracing the New Role. With the ability to diagnose and treatment in collaboration with the physician, it is rewarding to provide the care immediately, rather than waiting for the availability of the physicians. Fears in the New Role. The fear that exists is with the challenging, uncommon, or demanding treatments. In terms of a new job, the fear is based in learning the culture of the health care establishment. Some health care organizations welcome new employees, help them assimilate into the culture, and have a thorough orientation. In other health care institutions, they do not have a well-designed orientation, expect the new employee to independently learn the culture, and are not consistently available for direction. There are health care organizations that combine the two approaches with the hope of the processes coming
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