Fischbach's Argumentative Essay

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Mark Edward Fischbach, also known as Markiplier on YouTube, is a hero. He was born in Triple Army Medical Center, which is the Pacific Regional Medical Command of the Armed Forces, in Honolulu, Hawaii on June 28, 1989. Since Mark does not post or give any information about his family, no one really knows his mother or fathers name. Mark has raised tens of thousands of dollars for charities, given people support through their own tough times, is strong even though he has been through rough times, and is gracious for what he has. Mark shows gratitude by going to conventions to meet and greet his fans. Other than this, he also posts blogs to communicate with the community he and his fans have created. Even though Mark is gracious for what he…show more content…
He has stated that he does not want people to see him as someone else. Doing so would mean that he would have to be honest with his fans, which so far he has been doing. The information is from the biography by The Famous People. Mark is also honest because he has told his whole background on a YouTube video called “Draw My Life - Markiplier“. He explains everything from when he was young till the day he had started to do videos. Throughout his YouTube career he has been honest, except for those white lies that he says to make sure his fans do not worry about him too…show more content…
In his “Draw My Life” video, he talks about what he went through when he was younger. He lived a “dark” early adult life, from getting kicked out of his house to his father dying from cancer. Also, about two years ago Mark posted a video called “Lost a Friend”, which he explains that his friend, Daniel Kyle, had passed away. Daniel had passed away from attempted suicide, which did cost his life in the end. All of Mark's friends went through this tragedy, but they somehow pulled back together in the end. During that video, he tried to keep his cool and try not to cry, but ends up doing so. This shows strength because he had the power to show his real feelings and pulled through this
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