Fish Aquaculture Essay

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Since Fish Aquaculture is considered as a major source for food for humans worldwide, fish in aquaculture goes through a lot of process to maintain its healthy status and to meet market expectation, for these reasons, fish goes under xenobiotics such as antibiotics, antifungals, water antiseptic, artificial diets, however all these substance has an impact on fish and eventually on human health.
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of xenobiotics in general and artificial diet in particular on fish, in aquaculture conditions.
The overall finding of the results showed that O. niloticus spp. had been goes through many types of xenobiotics in aquaculture farms, these xenobiotics can enter fish system through tow routs, 1- through
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Xenobiotics are capable to effect fish behavioral, behavioral is reflects the response of nervous system to the stimuli from external environment which effect the ability of individual to survive e.g. feeding locomotion(Rand, 1985), (Heath, 1959) clarified that many xenobiotics e.g. metals, insecticides, and detergents has an impact on fish feeding rate by effect the ability of the central nervous system to integrate environmental stimuli feeding rate was depressed. Moreover, many toxic xenobiotics are well known to influencing the cholinergic nervous system e.g. organophosphorus and carbamate compounds which can be found in insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides, these compound inhibit AChE activity by preventing the enzyme from hydrolyzing its natural substrate acetylcholine (Aldridge and Reiner

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