Fish Descriptive Writing

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“So what you do is you first grab some bait, put it on the hook and cast the line.” pop passionately speaks to me as I feel the nice wind blow across my face. A sunny morning with warm breeze, I try to copy what my pop just told me. I reach for the container of slimy worms which I just cannot touch. Seeing my delicate hands jump move in and out of the container, pop muffled. With goosebumps appearing on my arm, I look up to him with my face scrunched up as a sign of help. Looking at my face, pop’s loud joyful laughter quickly filled the empty ocean. He grabbed one of the squiggly worm and snare it on the hook. With a wide smile on my face, I give pop a light hug. The briny air feels harsh yet gives me a refreshing feeling. A couple of minutes pass by, I feel my line faintly move up and…show more content…
The ocean were so calm, it barely moving my boat. It was peaceful and relaxing as I enjoyed my morning fishing. I tightly squeezed my eyes as I hooked the last bait and casted the line. I gently placed the rod against the side to catch one more fish before heading home. The boat was showered with warmth and sunshine. No clouds. Just clean blue sky. Minutes pass by, not one fish touched the bait and suddenly the waves started to lose its rhythm. The waves steadily creeped towards the boat and the weather turned icy grey from a deep blue. The sky restlessly grumbled and the clouds struggled to tolerate the burden of the weight of the rain which soon gave in. I decided to reared up the line and head back home. The boat was getting pushed closer to the shore and my pop wasn’t there. In fact, I didn’t see any silhouettes of people on the shore. My body started to feel queasy and my hands became clammy. As soon as I reached the shallow area, I quickly jumped out of the boat and ran to my house as fast as I could. There, I saw my mother sitting on the kitchen table with her moan blocked by the harsh loud rain and tears effortlessly rolling down her
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