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Bycatch means the accidental fishing of any species other than that, or those considered "target". Bycatch is responsible for the slaughter of an impressive high number of marine animals. Thousands of dolphins, sea turtles, stingrays and sharks end up every day to be the victim of unintentional fishing and catches. Most of the captured specimens are emitted on board already dead and later dumped into the sea as waste. Unfortunately, about 40 percent of the world catch is captured unintentionally and part of it is rejected in the sea, dead or dying.
In addition to non-target species, the phenomenon of accidental catches also concerns the capture of target species that do not have commercial value, being less than average. An estimated amount of 6.8 to 27 million tons of fish is discarded each year. It is also estimated that almost 100 million sharks and stingrays are caught each year by mistake and thrown into the sea. Tuna fishing, once responsible for many accidental dolphin catches, is still responsible for the death of many sharks and turtles and, due to the use of Fish aggregation systems (FAD), the capture of several young tuna specimens obese and yellow fin, contributing to the exhaustion of these stocks. Every year as many as 300 thousand cetaceans - whales, dolphins and other species - remain trapped in nets and about 100 thousand specimens of albatross die because of the palamites. Bycatch is destructive because it literally sweeps away the seabed, destroying all

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