Fish Forks Research Paper

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Forks are to the left of the plate, and knives and spoons go to the right (withthe exception of the tiny cocktail fork, which is placed on the soup spoon orto the right of the soup spoon). The dessert fork and spoon are above thedinner plate. If a salad is the first course (as is often the case in the United States butrarely the case in other countries), the salad fork, which is smaller than thedinner fork, will be farthest to the left. If fish is being served as the firstcourse, a fish fork comes first. Next is your dinner fork for the entree. Saladsometimes is served as the third or fourth course, in which case your saladfork is closest to the plate. The butter spreader is on the bread plate on theleft above the forks. To the right of the plate, starting from the outermost utensil, are a cocktailfork, a soup spoon, a fish knife, a…show more content…
Glassware In a formal setting, you usually have lots of glasses at the table. These glassesare to the right of your plate. Each glass is slightly different in shape and size.Their purposes are fairly easy to master; your waiter will fill the glasses withthe correct beverages in the right order. As long as you are not drinking froman empty glass, you will be fine. The glass farthest to the right may be a sherry if one is served to accompanythe soup course. This glass will be the first one you use. When each course is finished, allow the waiter to remove the glass, as well as the plate, for thatcourse. Next is the white-wine glass, which is used during the fish course orappetizer. Behind the white-wine glass is the red-wine glass. This glass islarger, with a fuller bowl that allows the red wine to breathe. The largest glassis the water goblet, which sits closest to the center of the dining table, often,just above the dinner knife. Finally, behind and to the right of
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