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“Sometimes the bravest thing you can do is ask for help.” - C. Connors This quote is used in the novel Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. This novel is about a girl named Ally Nickerson who learns that some people have differences for a reason and not all differences are bad. Ally struggles to fit in and make friends at her new school, and to top it all off she is picked on because people think her differences make her an outsider. With the help of Mr. Daniels Ally feels like she can accomplish anything because she turned the things she believed to be impossible into things she knew were possible. The major parts of this novel were chapters 21, 23, and 29 because these chapters reflect what Ally feels during some major events throughout the novel. In chapter 21 Ally is at Shay’s birthday party at the butterfly gardens, when she closes her hands around a…show more content…
Ally is a very intelligent, and caring girl who has trouble fitting in with others in her classroom. In the 37 chapter of the book it says, “ It takes me a while, but I realize that you need to take more than three trips. You need to take the chicken and then the grain, but then take the chicken back with you and leave it while you take the wolf. Then you leave the wolf with the grain and go back for the chicken.” Every person in her class was shocked that the girl who got in trouble almost every day could figure out this question,when they couldn’t even get close. This shows the reader how smart Ally can be when she put her mind to it, and forgets that she has doesn’t fit in. Chapter 51 says, “ Please help my brother. He needs to learn to read, too.” Ally cares about her brother and wants to help him read because she knows how it feels to not be able to read. Travis has dyslexia like Ally does and she feels the need to help him learn to read so he doesn't have to live his life without being able to
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