Fish In A Tree Character Analysis

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After reading Fish In A Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, I have learned that Ally is a dynamic character. At the beginning of the book, Ally is stubborn. Eventually, Ally becomes brave through the middle of the story. At the very end of the story, Ally becomes confident. These character traits were observed through Ally’s actions, dialogue, relationships, choices and problems. I have learned that the main character Ally is to never give up and don’t let anyone bug you. Meaning don’t let anyone bully you or make you want to give up. Whenever I want to give up, I think of the book Fish In A Tree and how Ally never gave up and was brave to stand up for her friends. According to the beginning chapters of Fish In A Tree, Ally is very stubborn at the very beginning of the book. I have learned through Ally’s actions and choices that she is stubborn. Ally then has to go through some tough moments and decisions to change throughout the rest of the story. When Ally was given the choice of staying after school with Mr.Daniels to help her read and she made the decision to say no because classmates would make fun of her for not being able to read. When Mrs.hall told her to write about herself Ally wrote “why” all over her paper, because she had no idea how to read. Mrs.Hall then got upset with Ally because she didn’t write things about herself. Ally…show more content…
This tells me that Ally is confident about who she is and how she lives.Shay hurts Ally's feelings so the other kids made fun of Ally as well making Ally upset. When Mr.Daniels asks Ally to write a speech for class president she hesitates. At home, she writes her speech and the next day she goes up to say her speech she can’t read the speech. So she just made it up. And Ally is then the class president. Ally didn't want anyone to know she had dyslexia, but at the end, she was willing to let everyone know after she learned how to
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