Fish Industry Case Study

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1.1 Introduction

Fishery industry is one of the important economic resources in Malaysia. It offers source of employment to the society, not only for fishermen but also for workers in associated industry as well, such as marine-based food industry, boat building and net making businesses. Fishery industry also plays an important role as one of the component of overall agricultural sector in providing the food security to the country. However, according to Cao (2009), the global fishing industry is highly inefficient. Deployment of highly powerful fishing technologies, build-up of redundant fishing vessels capacity, pollutions and habitat loss has reduced the fish stocks worldwide. With the help of scientific analyses, policy makers are able to understand the economic reality of fishery activity and fishing industry in order to manage it in a better way. Therefore, efficiency study of the fishery is an important requirement for fishery industry.
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It has a long coastline, and marine fishery is the main activity along the coastline, especially in Kuala Terengganu and Kuala Besut. The development of marine fishery activities in Terengganu started from an inshore traditional fishery to the current industry which is mix of traditional and commercial deep-sea fishery subsectors. Inshore commercial and deep-sea fishery subsectors contribute the bulk of the marine fish landing. However, the inshore traditional fishery is of no less important as it involves a smaller scale of fishermen and generally associated with lower income and

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