Fish Prawrs In Kerala

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Kerala is one of the leading maritime states in India in the west of Arabian Sea with a coastal area of 590 km with an inland network of rivers lakes and backwaters which makes it ideal for fishing (Leela Gulati 1984). The state consists of 222 fishing villages with 65% active fishermen. Fish remains an integral part of meal for an average Keralite this remains that the level of consumption of fish in Kerala is relatively much higher than that of other states in India. Besides this, a recent survey shows that the export of prawns in the state has become a major source of foreign exchange for
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They are mainly dependent on SHG for their credit requirements. The article also specifies that more skills are to be imparted for their livelihood through educating about health, sanitation, financial literacy and improvement in the technology.
Nikita Gopal and Meenakumari (2011) the study points out the role of Fishermen cooperative society and NGO as micro finance institutions in availing credit facilities at lower rate of interest and easy repayment system. It also shows a positive impact which has created by Mf institutions especially the fisher women in meeting their livelihood and improvement in the socio economic status except asset creation in the long run.
Dr.Anitha & Aswathy SS (2014)This paper gives emphasis on the money management and work life of women fish vendors in Trivandrum even though they were all maintaining a bank account it is un operated except for the purpose of loan facility of SHGs. They are not aware of the micro credit provided by Matsyafed. Mostly they are dependent on wholesale credit, money lenders and gold pledging. They are not in a position to save money after meeting their
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In the first stage the researcher has divided the number of fisher women in the fishermen colonies and the total number of active and registered fisher women. As per the statistics majority of the active fisherwomen are concentrated in Trivandrum, Kollam, Alappuzha, Ernakulam, Kasargode. Here it must be noted that in Idukki, Palakkad, Wayand women are not much involved in fish vending and in district like Malappuram and Kozhikode the Muslim community does not encourage their women to take up their vending business. To determine the sample size formulae for the finite population the researcher has taken Krejcie and Morgan

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