Fisher House Foundation Case Study

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Every day, a soldier is wounded in war. Brave souls have vowed to put their life on the line for the protection of others and freedom of the country. These brave souls are either killed or wounded in battle. Sadly, most wounded soldiers do not have the money to have therapy for their injuries and are not able to see their families without spending even more money. Then, in 1990, an organization called the Fisher House Foundation was created. The Fisher House Foundation, an organization that provides housing for wounded soldiers and their families to live together, is an effective way to provide treatment to wounded soldiers that is completely free to the families and it gives a breath of fresh air to everyone that is involved. The Fisher…show more content…
Every family has a great outcome to the use of the Fisher House Foundation. A family, for example, is the Carpenters. The Carpenters experienced a great problem when Corporal Kyle Carpenter was wounded in battle in Afghanistan. He was injured when he was covering a grenade to save other service members. After spending seven weeks in a hospital in Maryland, Carpenter was moved to another hospital in Virginia where his family stayed at a Fisher House. The family did not know what to expect with having an injured family member. The home allowed the family to find more information about how to cope with injuries and speak to other families to find out how they dealt with the situation. ““We can’t say enough about the convenience and comfort the home away from home provided,” Kyle’s mother Robin said. “To be able to get a shower, wash clothes, have a meal and place to rest, was irreplaceable. And we could take good care of Kyle.”...“You have so much going on and you need to be there to focus on upcoming surgeries and listen to Kyle’s multiple doctors. Being there was invaluable,” Robin continued. “If we had to go off base to a hotel, and then try to get on base for a five a.m. surgery or doctor’s appointment, it would have been so much harder.”” (The October issue of the Patriot
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