Fisher Vs. Texas Argumentative Analysis

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When I first started researching Fisher vs. Texas, I believed discrimination in college applications was very wrong and unlawful. I believed everyone should have a fair opportunity to go to the school of their choice. As I researched the issue more, it became apparent to me that diversity is truly important to our learning experiences while in college. In college, diversity has taught me many different viewpoints and has helped me understand different cultures. The learning aspect is important but I also believe that students that come from poorer communities and challenging childhoods should have an opportunity to attend top universities. The alarming differences in pay will only continue to increase if African Americans and other races do not have the opportunity to attend college. Diversity is important to the American culture and we need equality for all races to move forward as a country.

The Supreme Court came to a 7-1 ruling favoring the University of Texas. The Supreme Court emphasized the learning benefits from a diverse student body. This ruling was also a win for people that are against racial preference. The ruling said, “Courts must consider whether such preferences are narrowly tailored to achieving their educational goals
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The petition questions, “Whether the Fifth Circuit’s re-endorsement of the University of Texas at Austin’s use of racial preferences in undergraduate admissions decisions can be sustained under this Court’s decisions interpreting the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, including Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, 133 S. Ct. 2411 (2013) (FISHER v. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS).” This will be Abigail Fisher’s second attempt with the federal appeals court. Last time Abigail’s appeal lost in a 2-1 voting. The arguments are expected to take place in Fall 2015 and then have a ruling following

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