Fisheries In Egypt Essay

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Fisheries In Egypt
In Egypt, the consumption of fish is a traditional and an important source of the Egyptian food, and is one of the main sources of cheap mammal protein for the growing population. Fisheries in Egypt are also one of the most important sources of national income, Fisheries operates in Egypt vast tracts of more than 13 million acres, Although Egypt has various inland resources, include the Nile River with many irrigation canals, six northern coastal lagoons opening to the Mediterranean Sea (Maruit, Edku, Burollus, Manzala, Port Fouad and Bardawil) and two opening to the Suez Canal (Timsah and Bitter Lakes), with two closed lakes (Qarun and WadiAl Raiyan), and the great reservoir behind the Aswan High
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The reduction in the outflow of nutrients carried by Nile floods reduced the production of demersal fish, sardine and shrimp. Industrial or military waste which causes fish to die, pollution of pesticides and chemicals that goes into qarun lakes which is fayoum which caused to kill most of the rare fish species and only one specie (tilapia zilli) which somehow resisted the salinity made by the pollution, Fishing operations by fishing enthusiasts and the continuation to build in the lakes, the continuation of the industrial and agriculture drainage operations in natural lakes, the most shocking fishermen use “ papules” on lakes, one of the fishing gears, which kills thousands of shrimps and fishes that congregate in certain places in the lake also, fishermen uses an illegal methods to fish easier by killing the fish through a small explosions done by the use of dynamite, the dynamite explosions that the fisher men use during fishing in the protectorate was the main death cause of endangered fish and dolphins, , the dynamite explosions that the fishermen had carried out brought about the death of the fish “Napoleon”, the number of the fish Napoleon does not exceed 30 in the gulf of Aqaba, they age around forty years old. and of course the most famous sign to Egypt, the Nile River and how people treated badly by throwing garbage in

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