Fishing Vs Hunting

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The Great Outdoors. A place where one can get many of life’s necessities. Some of life’s necessities are provided through hunting and fishing of different types, such as fly fishing and deer or bear hunting. That does not seem inhumane. Well, some think it is and these actions do not sit well with them. Some may choose to go to a grocery store and pay for the things that are processed, rather than going and getting the freshest, free version of the same thing, in their own backyard. In cases like these, those who choose this method are not keeping any animals alive by doing so. They have to be killed first to get to the grocery store anyways. Even with that being said, many would see killing an animal to use as food as the cruelest thing a…show more content…
Hunting seasons can vary in each state, but they are generally around the same time. They also vary depending on what will be used to hunt with. Take Western North Carolina for example. Western deer season, when using archery, is September tenth through October second, and October sixteenth through November twentieth (“Deer Seasons”). Western Deer Season when using a gun, is November twenty-first through December tenth (“Deer Seasons”). Hunting seasons prevent hunting from being inhumane because they help with protecting the populations. During the off season, this is when the deer are most at risk. During this time, it may also be their breeding season. The deer are protected during these times, thanks to hunting seasons. When fishing, there are also many different types of bait to catch fish with. It depends on what type of fishing is occurring. With fly fishing, some type of fly will be the bait. With regular fishing, worms can also be used. It all depends on where one is fishing and what time of year it is, to decide what kind of bait to use. Locally, it is posted stating what bait one can use, and if fishing is even allowed in that area. There are also many private waters in this area. The types of bait, and when and where they can and cannot be used, helps keep fishing…show more content…
Catch and Release is simply what its title states. A fish is caught and then released. There are specific reasons and ways to accomplish this task. Why should Catch and Release occur? Catch and Release is a method that helps to preserve fish life cycles, because the fish are still able to carry out their lifecycles when returned to the water (“Catch and Release Fishing”). This is a way for those who fish to be able to catch fish, but to also make sure fish are not taken away from their population (“Catch and Release Fishing”). That is the point of Catch and Release. Fish stocking is another way to keep a cycle of fish populations from ending. Rivers that are in the process of being stocked, may be “closed” for that amount of time. The closing itself is an example of how fishing is kept from being inhumane because similar to hunting, the fish could be more at risk during this time and it prevents fishermen from fishing during this time. Stocking rivers not only benefits the fish populations, but the fishermen in the area also benefit from stocking. There is not just one type of fish stocking. The type of stocking depends on the water, if it is cold water or warm water. Take The French Broad River where Middlefork is located in Transylvania County. This is a cold water location. In total, the entire stream is stocked with three hundred sixty Brook Trout through the months of March, April, and May (“2016 Master

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