Fishnet Company Case Study

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THEOROTICAL ASPECTS A Study on employee welfare measures and employee satisfaction at “Fishnet Company”. INTRODUCTION: The term welfare means the well being, happiness of an individual, group and organization. “Welfare means anything done for the comfort and improvement, intellectual or social of the employees over and above wages paid which is not a necessity of the industry”. Individual characteristics have distinctive qualities that increase the morale of the company. Receiving financial and non-financial aid from government and private sector organization because of the hard work by an employee. The welfare of the company will improve if company satisfied needs of their own employees. Employee welfare and job satisfaction are the most important…show more content…
Education facilities: This would improve the quality of workforce, provide opportunities for a proper training for the acquirement skills and techniques which are essential for workers in an industry and which will enable them to adjust themselves to their particular way of life and enable them to acquire broader values of life, personally, socially and industrially. In our country such education facilities have been accepted and emphasized by various commissions and committees, such as Indian industrial payment , The royal commission on labour, The national commission on labour and the Malaviya committee on labour welfare (1969) etc. Yet, there is no statutory obligation with regard to education for workers children in any industry except in…show more content…
Company environment: Here Company have to exist in a safe place that should be safe. If company existed in slum area, crowd area, and dangerous places, that leads to decrease in performance and increase in health defects. This finally leads to dissatisfaction of employees. 2. Superior behavior: Sometimes superior don’t want to adopt welfare facilities for their workers. If company needs to increase productivity and image, they have to focus their behavior from negative to positive. If superior don’t want to support and encourage employee’s work that definitely leads to negative effects on company and difficult to fulfill the needs of the employees. Finally if company needs to come out from this they have to adopt welfare facilities. 3. Competition: It may be from inside or outside, some of the organisations are provide rich facilities but other companies are difficult to provide those facilities. If organization is difficult to provide better facilities that company may face lack of competition and employees turnover may

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