Fishyphobia Monologue

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Fishyphobia Ryleigh Dangerfield I was surrounded by tanks. Then I saw the one I was dreading... The fish tank! I don't know why I agreed to come on this class excursion to the Aquarium. I suffered from fishyphobia, which meant I was terrified of fish, even baby ones! After lunch my teacher kept blabbering on about how we must not tap on the tanks otherwise we would be told to leave by the staff members. Then she said something I wouldn't have believed if I hadn't heard it myself. I had to feed the fish! I am a short, skinny boy with blue eyes and brown scruffy hair. I also am terrified of fish. I know you'll think it's stupid, but I'm not scared of anything but fish. Their creepy little fins and slimy scales scare me so much. I love swimming except if I see a fish; then I'll be the first person out the water. My best friend Joe tries to help me, but it doesn't work because he loves fish and has three of his own. My heart was thumping so loud you could hear it from a mile away. If I hadn't been sitting down, then I would've fallen over. I had to feed the fish. Why me? Why not Joe who adored fish or Tyrone also known as King Triton, who dressed up as the King of the Sea every day. I slowly walked towards the ladder never wanting to go…show more content…
I was surrounded by my worst nightmare... fish! They were everywhere, all around me. Swimming on top of each other trying to gulp down the food I held in my hand. Finally, I resurfaced. I looked around to see if my class were still watching me and sure enough they were. They were trying so hard not to laugh but some kids weren't managing to hide their amusement. My best friend, Joe was rolling around on the ground in hysterics. What a true friend he was! What had they found so funny? I turned around to see if it was one of the fish but no it wasn't. My pants were floating next to me. I looked down at my legs. At least I remembered to wear underpants this
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