Fist Stick Knife Gun Analysis

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Violence is an action that people despise but is mostly always used when one well being is threatened. The book “the outsiders” it is about a boy named ponyboy who is in a gang and struggles with his differences from the rest of the gang. The text “fist stick knife gun” talks of a boy and his brothers who use violence to get a jacket back from a boy who stole it from them. Both the authors use the protagonist conflict in their life to connect to the theme violence leads to more violence. In both “Outsiders” and “Fist stick knife gun” the authors uses POV of the characters to develop the theme of violence never ends it's like a cycle. In both the “Outsiders” and “Fist,stick,knife,gun” the authors uses conflict to develop the theme of violence leads to more violence but in different problems in the protagonist life. In the outsiders Hinton uses character vs society to develop the theme of violence leads to more violence.The greasers get harassed and look down for who the are so they constantly have to prove themselves with violence.In the text, it says, “Greasers can't walk alone too much or they’ll get jumped or someone will come by and yell…show more content…
The text states“The feels their job is to turn their children into lion cubs, to help that child learn and scratch and bite”[p3].This connects to the theme of violence is a never ending cycle because when a child is told to do something by a parental guidance they do it,so if a child is told to use violence they will do it a natural behavior for most children to do. Also, when you teach kids something they teach their kids the same thing about using violence because they brought up that violence was the answer to
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