Fit Family Summer Assignment

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The arrival of a screaming baby does not mean triathlon training is over. Parents with infants or young children who continue to stay in shape make cross-training concessions. The best part? Adapting your fitness habits to consistently include your kids will someday deliver a teenage workout partner capable of smoking you in a 5K. Here are ideas for your next Fit Family Summer Assignment: Consider This Book. "Fit Family: The Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Years" is a recent 2008 release to inspire family fitness during your kids ' most formative, needy years, which just happen to be when your fitness habits are most at risk. Now Plan It. Organize family bike rides, hikes and swim adventures. Find family-friendly routes -- the track or a car-free trail are terrific for new bike riders or a jog stroller. A…show more content…
Rely On Friends. Sneak in fitness while friends step up to supervise. Go to the pool with a friend and slice away 30 laps while she watches your kids. Switch. Bird or Owl Training. On the days you must have solo sweat time, work out early with the birds or pump iron late with the owls. Hopefully your kids are typical, diurnal sleepers and you have small windows of time to yourself. Remember, putting your kids on a strict sleep schedule is about your fitness sanity, too. Finally, you 're going to need acceptance. Let 's face it, between the infant to early tween years, your fit habits -- and your attitude -- will need to change. You can resent baby intrusion or view family fitness accommodations as a fantastic parenting opportunity benefiting both you and your children. Sometimes your best plans will kid-factor explode. So what? You 'll also have those unforgettable, glorious moments when everyone is challenged and happy. Fit Family Summer Assignment: Adapt one of your favorite pre-kid workouts to include your kids. Call it a family cross-training session and keep it positive, no matter how many kid fit-interruptions (dirty diaper, stubbed toe, dropped
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