Fit Quest Project: Case Study

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Completing the “Fit Quest Project” has taught me many things about fitness and how to stay fit and healthy for the rest of my life. My role for the project was to be the Recreation Director and share the role of. A Recreation Director is responsible for researching, planning, and implementing programmed physical activities for individuals or groups. I came up with 2 lifelong activities: Skiing and Surfing. The physical benefits of these 2 exercising techniques all fit exactly what Angela needs to do to stay in shape. Skiing helps benefit muscular endurance, balance, and cardiovascular endurance. On the other hand, Surfing would help Angela’s heart health and muscle toning. Angela is a junior at Valley High School in Sacramento, California. She is a nice looking young lady who is in good physical shape, and she wants to maintain her physical shape throughout her whole life. Angela would like to maintain muscle mass, increase her muscle strength, and maintain or increase her cardio-vascular endurance. Improving all of these things will benefit her overall health tremendously. Angela enjoys the snow, the beach, and…show more content…
The sport of skiing is very popular in the northern states mostly because it snows more there. This particular sport is something that be done for a very long time. Even though I don’t know much about it because i 've only done it once, it was a blast. I chose this sport specifically because our instructor was 73 years old and he had been skiing for over 35 years! Skiing would be a great sport for Angela because it strengthen her muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance, just like she wanted in the beginning. After one day of me doing it, I was very sore, but after a couple more days of doing it, I felt myself getting better and not being sore as much. This sport is in a beautiful environment and is great even in a group setting which I know Angela
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