Fitness Goal

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Before starting my two weeks fitness goal, I had a poor diet and was not active as I should be. My diet was poor because I usually go all day without eating so I will not make poor decisions or I would forget to. If I do eat it is usually one meal a day which consists of something quick and easy. I felt like if I only eat once a day or not at all I would probably lose weight faster. The only daily activity I had was walking to and from class. I also used the elevator whenever I got the chance. Then on the weekends I do not have class so I would only walk if I had to wash my clothes. My fitness goal for the two weeks is to eat three meals a day and try to pick healthy choices. As for my daily activity, I will use the stairs instead of the elevator…show more content…
Complex carbohydrates, like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, are the most nutritious sources of glucose because they take a longer time to digest than refined carbs (plus they’re often loaded with other beneficial nutrients). Without a frequent carb supply, your blood sugar can dip too low, leaving you feeling sluggish, irritated, and like you can’t concentrate, says Zeitlin…show more content…
On April 9th, I ate three meals and I walked to the gym and spent 45 minutes on the treadmill (Appendix A, F1). However, the next three days I went over my calorie intake (Appendix A, F2,3,4) but I did continue to be active everyday by taking the stairs (Appendix B, F1,2,3). I attempted to mediate but it was hard to focus with so many distractions. So, I decided for the week when I mediate to make sure I turn off all my devices until I complete my mediation for the day. As for Saturday and Sunday for week one I believe I could have been more active so I made a note to try again next week (Appendix B, F6,7). For the second week, I ate three meals a day, stayed active, and mediated twice a day since I began to feel the stress to build. However, on Easter Sunday I only ate one meal but it did go over my calorie intake but since it was a holiday I considered it a cheat day (Appendix A, F8). On April 23rd, I did eat my three meals a day but I was not active like I should have been. I committed the day to mediation and relax so I could prepare for all the stress I would be under as finals were approaching (Appendix B,
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