Fitting In-Personal Narrative Analysis

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Fitting in has always been difficult for me which is why I have always had a difficult time getting to meet new people. Whether it 's in a new college, high school, middle school, elementary school, church school, soccer team, etc., I always seem to be the “quiet” one of the bunch and it never fails to draw people 's attention. I believe I was shy and not very talkative because of my height, my teeth (before I had braces), and because of my past speech issues, to name a few, but most of this has changed ever since. I no longer have crooked teeth or a stutter in my speech and I am now able to speak to a large group of people without getting nervous or scared, or so I thought. Moving from Victorville to Riverside taught me that the people you once called friends can leave you in a heartbeat just because you moved 52 miles away from them. Many did not remember to text or call me, I was forgotten by most and it hurt me because all this time trying to fit in with them has gone to waste; I now had to start all over and create my journey once more. The most challenging part was saying goodbye to the people I grew up with. I lived in Victorville for over 10 years,…show more content…
This experience has taught me that new things are very scary but you won 't know what you need in life to succeed until you give it a try. Yeah I might miss my friends and my boyfriend but in the long run, this is my life and I should be thinking about what is beneficial for me. I now have made new friends who have same interest and goals as I do, and I still see my boyfriend at least once a week. The moments may change but the memories I have had in Victorville will never be forgotten. This move was literally life changing but it was for the better, so I thank my parents for bringing me and my family down here. I am now attending one of the best colleges that offers great classes for DMS, Platt College,
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