Reputation In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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F. Scott Fitzgerald was born in September 24, 1896, St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S. He was an American short-story writer and novelist mot famous for his novel "The Great Gatsby" a novel based in his life. He actually had a pretty normal life, he had a middle-class life. Her mother Mollie McQuillan was the one who supported more the family because she had her own furniture business and besides, she had inherited money. While Mollie had money, his husband in the other hand was totally different. Edward (Scott's father) meanwhile, he couldn't quite make it for the reason that he apply for various jobs but that made Scott move around the state until finally he got tired and got in final conclusion to stay for good in Minnesota and live through his wife…show more content…
Scott described this society in his last novel "Tender is the Night". Scott's reputation wasn't a nice one at all, he had a really bad reputation as he was viewed as an irresponsible writer who liked to party and drink a lot. In 1925 he had completed his most famous and respected novel "The Great Gatsby", and a year later he had published a collection of short stories and this was the most productive and successful period of Scott's life. His next decades where it was full of misery and chaos, Scott began to drink excessively, and Zelda began to suffered her first mental breakdown. Scott and Zelda fought for their unsuccessful battle to save their marriage but it didn't work. By 1932 Zelda had her second breakdown from which she never fully recovered. "Tender is the Night" published in 1934 was unsuccessful, crushed by his failure and despair for the divorce of Zelda he became an alcoholic. In 1937 he become a script-writer in Hollywood, where he fell in love with Sheila Graham, a gossip columnist. For the rest of his life, he had been frequently drunk and being a partyer where he became bitter and violent. Scott began a novel in 1939 called "The Last Tycoon" but on December 21,1940 Scott suffered a fatal heart attack that lead to his death living his novel unfinished. Even though the novel was half in the way it was considered intensity as the rest of his
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