The Great Gatsby Response

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The Great Gatsby which is written by F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of the most evaluated and interpreted novels in American literature. The reason is not just about the voice, literary devices, or techniques he uses. Also, it is about the content of the novel. For example, he shows us the condition of American society and their aims in The Great Gatsby. In the novel, Fitzgerald does not just tell the events, he uses characters’ thoughts to develop the whole idea and to make the novel more pleasant to read. One of the themes that he writes about is the failure of the American Dream. The main character of this theme is Jay Gatsby. His change and the sacrifices that he makes to get rich and being popular can be seen throughout the novel. Also, the…show more content…
Daisy Buchanan and Gatsby were lovers before Gatsby got rich. However, while Gatsby was in military Daisy married with a man called Tom Buchanan. His family was prosperous like he was. Therefore, Gatsby wanted to gain Daisy because she was his passion. On the other hand, the whole think is not about pure love. It is about Gatsby’s greed. Daisy was his “object of desire” (Julian Cowley 81). The author emphasized that making love or kissing is not enough for Jay Gatsby he needs to make her own. “‘Your wife doesn’t love you, said Gatsby. ‘She’s never loved you. She loves me.’” (F. Scott Fitzgerald 138) In this example, Gatsby was shouting at Tom and putting pressure on Daisy by pushing her into this argument about her affair. However, fundamentally the whole thing is related to Gatsby’s arrogance. He wants Daisy as a symbol of his victory like he reached everything he wanted. Daisy had the specifications that Gatsby wanted. She was prosperous and has a high statue in society. The other point that shows us Gatsby could do everything is, he accepted to be the murderer of a car accident which was Daisy’s fault to hit the woman. As a consequence, Gatsby was blamed but he did not do anything. Moreover, woman’s husband killed Jay Gatsby in order to get revenge. All of these, events happened just to
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