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Hook-up Culture Student’s name Institutional affiliation Hook-up culture Due to Cultural Revolution, human behavior has experienced various general social shifts, with the emergence of new behavior such as sexual behavior. As the technology advancements progressed, the young adults were left unsupervised by the parents, and often left home to ‘hang out’ in various places such as movie theaters and malls. The courting patterns changed, giving the young people more freedom to explore their sexuality. As time progressed, feminism rose, birth-control options were available and sex-integrated parties increased. This led to the rise of even more liberated sexual behaviors that were outside the conventional committed romantic…show more content…
However, the perception of this activity depends on the gender of the individual who is participating. For instance, women who engage in hooking up are considered as ‘loose’, but for a man, it is considered an achievement. The result is stigmatization and disrespect of the women who participate in such activity. On the other hand, relationships are found to perpetuate the concept of gender inequality, with male partners expecting the women to comply with their needs and sometimes even tolerate abuse and serial cheating through hook ups. This presents a sexual double standard that continues to be expressed especially in male dominated parties where the men have the upper hand, controlling the situations to limit the women’s free consent to sex. This is clearly a sign of disrespect and can also be termed as sexual assault. However, men do not view them this way. This can be explained by the Anand and Peterson’s article ‘The production of culture perspective’ (2004). According to them, the production of culture outlook centers on how the representative essentials of culture are shaped by the organizations within which they are fashioned, disseminated, assessed, taught, and
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