Fiup Culture: An Analysis Of Hook-Up Culture

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Hook-up Culture Student’s name Institutional affiliation Hook-up culture Due to Cultural Revolution, human behavior has experienced various general social shifts, with the emergence of new behavior such as sexual behavior. As the technology advancements progressed, the young adults were left unsupervised by the parents, and often left home to ‘hang out’ in various places such as movie theaters and malls. The courting patterns changed, giving the young people more freedom to explore their sexuality. As time progressed, feminism rose, birth-control options were available and sex-integrated parties increased. This led to the rise of even more liberated sexual behaviors that were outside the conventional committed romantic pair bonds. These practices have become more acceptable with time and are considered typical. This can be explained by Swindler’s theory of strategies of action that view actions as determined by people’s interest ‘by integrating, and thus depending on, habits, moods, sensibilities, and views of the world’ (Swidler, 1986), which in this case is the need to balance between fun, commitment and risky behavior through uncommitted casual sex. The hooking up culture is one of these behaviors. In the article by Armstrong, England and Hamilton (2010), they explore different aspects of this culture in relation to women. I agree with their findings that sex in committed relationships is better for women than hook up sex. However, I do not think that

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