Case Study Of Project Management: A Socio-Technical Approach

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Introduction of Project Management
Project management has been around for long time. It was around 1990s that industries and organizations all over realized the importance of project management as the size and the complexity of their operations were getting intense and unmanageable. So as a result managers turn into project management to help them in implementing and tracking of large projects.
Project Management in today’s world Project management is gaining importance in today’s tough business environment as all companies strive to gain the competitive gain (Greengard, 2002). If firms want to pursue their goal for growth and stability they have to see project management as the foundation of their business processes rather than as just a functional activity. Project management has turned in to a very crucial factor that leads to the success
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It could be a small issue or a big issue but a project manager should react fast and resolve the issues with a sense of urgency.
These are the 5 good ways of project management.

Project Management Today : A Socio-Technical Approach
We always see that senior management is always involved in approving of projects but they are never involved in the implementation process of the project. In the actual execution of the project there are two dimensions the technical and sociocultural dimension (Larson, Gray, 2014). The first dimension is technical side which consists of purely logical parts example planning, scheduling and controlling projects.
Second dimension is the sociocultural side. This involves managing of the project and external environment. Some say that the technical dimension represents “science” of project management and sociocultural is the “art” of project management. To be successful a manager must be well versed in both dimensions (Larson, Gray, 2014). Below Image 1 depicts the socio-technical dimensions of the project management process (Larson, Gray,
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