Privacy: An Essential Human Rights

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Privacy is an essential human right recognized in the majority of international treaties and agreements on human rights. Almost all countries around the world identify privacy as a basic human right in their constitution, either explicitly or implicitly (Tan, 1999). The importance of the protection of privacy as an essential human right has been recognized after the disaster and carnages of second World War period, when large databases of personal data were used to segregate populations, targeted minority groups and make possible genocide, made it clear how it can be dangerous to allow the public to intervene in the private sector. However, the post-war period is seen the appearance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(UN 1948).
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Generally, There are five essential characteristics of cloud computing. Those are listed below
Cloud computing are able to access, monitor and manage computing resources as needed which done automatically without requiring human interaction with CSP(Mell & Grance, 2011) .
Rapid Elasticity
Computing resources in cloud computing such as CPU, memory and storage are able to scale out and in quickly and on an as needed basis on demand. To the clients, the cloud appears to be infinite, and the consumer can get as much or as little computing power as they need and they can be appropriated in any quantity at any time (Mell & Grance, 2011).
Resource pooling
Computing resources are shared across multiple applications. Multiple clients in a multi environment access provider pooled resources.
Wide Network Access
Cloud based services are available over the network and can be for promote use by variety of client platforms.
Measured Service
Cloud computing has the potential to automatically monitor, control and report of the service for both the provider and clients through an integrated management platform.
Benefits of Cloud
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Applications can be accessed through network from various devices. The cost of licensing for the software packages are dealt by CSP, so there is no need to upgrade the user side system when new service packs or patches are released (Pocatilu, Alecu, & Vetrici, 2009) .
Hardware Feature
In the cloud computing, there is no need to use specific devices, any devices with minimal hardware requirements (Smartphone, Ipad) could be successfully used as cloud clients (Pocatilu et al., 2009) .
Improved Performance
Weak applications performance causes organization to lose customers and reduce employee productivity. Since the most of the applications and processes in cloud, the user will not have any problem on performance when they perform their tasks. The applications are increasing rapidly and need storage, RAM, and CPU capacity. By optimizing available resources in cloud, organization can take advantage of high performance in cloud environment to perform their task on demand.
If any of cloud computer users crashed, there are almost no data lost because everything is stored in the cloud computing servers.

Cloud Computing
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