Five Contexts Of Communication

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Five Contexts of Communication
There are five different types of communication contexts that happen in our lives every day, we experience all of them whether we realize it or not. This could be anything from talking to ourselves to reading a magazine. In this assignment, I am going to discuss all five communication contexts and how they can be applied to our daily activities.
Intrapersonal communication, or in other words, having a discussion with yourself. These are the conversations we have internally, which can be either positive or negative. We use this type of communication to talk ourselves through problems, or to keep ourselves motivated (McLean, 2010). This type of communication affects our perception of a situation, and it can also affect the way we interact in a moment. One example of when I have recently utilized this type of communication is during a math test. Recalling the information and working through each problem took having a conversation with myself to ensure I was completing them to the best of my ability. Another instance I catch myself having intrapersonal communication is while I’m exercising, sometimes I give myself a pep talk while I’m running to keep myself going.
The second type of communication context is interpersonal communication, which is a one-on-one conversation. This is any conversation with only one other person, it can be anything from an intimate conversation or something brisk and informal (McLean, 2010). We find ourselves having these
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