Five Contexts Of Communication

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Describe, in your own words the five contexts of communication described in Chapter 1 of the textbook. Describe at least one example of each that you have used or witnessed recently or that has been researched online. The definitions are, 1- intrapersonal communication: it is the act of self-talk or internal use of thinking during a communication while you are engaged in listening to the source 's message, but you don 't have focus upon it.(McLean,2010) 2- interpersonal communication is a type of communication in which two or more people involve in order to exchange and share information, feelings, meaning and concerns. This context of communication occurs through both verbal and non-verbal messages which are being conveyed face to face. The language is an example of message and the voice tone, facial expressions, body language and gestures are examples of non-verbal messages. (n.d. Skills you need, 2016) 3- Group communication: it defines as a type of communication in which small groups of people are involved in a conversations. This group involves three to eight people as a members.(McLean, 2010) 4- public communication ; it happens when one person speaks to a group of people in the puplic. This kind of communication can be done either through speaking in public or writing a message to be read by a small or large groups. (McLean, 2010) 5- mass communication is a type of communication in which message is conveyed or imparted on a large scale to a large number of
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