Five Criteria Of Moral Panics In Australia

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In this modern society, Australian have the culture of drinking alcohol beverages in different special events or occasion for sociability, cultural participation or relaxation (Australian Government National Health and Medical Research Council 2015). The pure alcohol consumption of alcohol beverages was 183.7 million litres in Australia in 2013-14 (The Australian Bureau of Statistics 2015). However, the alcohol was involved in drunken violence. There was the example which were two young men, Kelly and Christie who were died because of the ‘one punch’ alcohol-fuelled violence at Sydney King Cross ( 'Daniel Christie dies following king-hit punch ' 2014). Therefore, the New South Wales(NSW) government introduced the new alcohol laws to…show more content…
This essay will base on Goode and Ben-Yehuda’ five criteria of moral panic that include concern, hostility, consensus, disproportion and volatility, to examine the concern of the ‘one punch’ assault is a moral…show more content…
This represent there have more state government concern and generate the widespread agreement about the alcohol-related violence is a serious threat. The laws are one of the concern about the incidents, and this had a negative impact on the perceptions of Melbourne as a 24-hour city (Department of Justice 2008). Additionally, there have 83% of respondents believed that the laws had impacted their perception of Melbourne as a 24-hour city. Furthermore, the small business in Sydney CBD were closed because the food traffic at 4 am on Saturday night have 89% reduction, this affected by the 3am last drinks law (NAAPA 2016). The tourism of Melbourne and the alcohol related business in Sydney CBD was affected by the lockout laws. The laws were generated the threat to the business group. The participants of the “Reclaim The Streets” become a given group to oppose the lockout laws. There were 84.6% of comments were oppose the Sydney lockout laws (Taylor). The reason not only affect their night life, also the people who work in nightlife industry are hard to find a job. Because there have 40% reduction of the live performance revenue at venues which located in lockout area in Sydney according to the figures released by APRA AMCOS through the Live Music Office (APRA AMCOS 2016). The bar or club forced to
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