Five Critical Thinking Questions

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Five Critical Thinking Questions
1. How do neurotransmitters function?
Neurotransmitters are chemicals located in synaptic vesicles. These chemicals are inside neurons and convey information. There are various types of neurotransmitters and they are located throughout your entire body. The diverse group of neurotransmitters contribute to many functions such as muscle activity, activity in the brain, and the nervous system. (p. 93)
2. Are people more or less likely to catch deception if they are aware that it may occur?
People who are aware of the possibility that something may occur, are more likely to spot a trick compared to those who are not prepared. When someone is aware of what may occur, they have a biased observation. Those who unknowingly know to look for something specific, do not have it in their head what they should or should not see. (p.23)
3. Why is it easy to deceive someone with what seems to be “obvious”?
Something more
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The video acknowledged the tricks magicians performed and explained why the brain is easily fooled. The video brought to my attention how easily one can be deceived with just a simple motion of the hand. How your brain processes thoughts and how it will create something that was not seen in order to make sense of reality, never crossed my mind prior to this video. The fact that your brain has to make sense of literally everything and cannot not try to make sense of something, is a hard concept to wrap my mind around. The information provided by the video was not extremely new, but went more in depth of my current knowledge of the topics discussed. Altogether, the video has created a new sense of urgency to pay more attention on what is specifically happening rather than the entire picture. My thinking has become more alert to a situation compared to before and I received more in depth understanding of how the brain
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