Argumentative Essay: Four Day School

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An Argumentative/Persuasive Essay
Method of Topic Development
Jezielme P. Agustino, Georgia R. Bondesto BC12-P
09363534885/09161679179 March 11, 2015 Most students say it’s worth considering a four day school week scheme. However, there are those that would make the issue become more complicated. Just last school year, Silliman University implemented a four day school week scheme. As what we have observed, not all courses and year levels are covered with this implementation. Many teachers and education experts wanted to impose back the five day school week scheme. This gives rise to many students especially those higher year level students that are having a hard time on managing their time doing school works complaining that the four day school week scheme should still be implemented. Although some teachers and education experts agree on a five day school week scheme, we believe that the four day school week scheme is still beneficial for Sillimanians because it reduces traffic and the cost for transportation and utility, it gives
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It is important for us students and school staff to have extra time for ourselves. If we have extra day off we can concentrate both academic and non-academic activities. The extra day off allows the students to finish all their school works without procrastination. “It is also pointed out that students have extra time to complete homework and do projects over the extended weekend” (Hadfield, n.d.). The extra day off can be used for field trips or extracurricular trips especially to those students who are having their community service. It can be used for professional development, staff meetings and interdisciplinary planning for the school faculties and staff (Juneau,
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