The Importance Of Brand Personality

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The word Brand Personality is normally considered to be the distinguishing and unique characteristics possessed by a brand, which is often called as the persona of the brand. All like in humans, Brands also have personalities to an extend which can be considered tangible and connects at an emotional level, this is often ignored/ under exploited by the marketers. A well established and distinctive brand personality is generally the key for the brands mass appeal and hence the success of the brand. In today’s era when the quality of the brand is taken for granted and the threat of copying the product is high, a strong brand personality are very important to build brand equity.

Researcher have found out that Brand Personality also enhances consumer
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As S. King suggests that “people choose their brands the same way they choose their friends in addition to the skills and physical characteristics; they simply like them as people” and hence personality becomes a part of the entire brand identity which consists of certain traits similar to the human personality traits which gets associated with the brand. While creating the scale of measurement J. Aaker defines brand personality in totality as: “the set of human characteristics associated to a brand”. In addition to that the physical characteristics and features, the inert or core values, visuals of a user are also referred as the human characteristics that can be associated to a…show more content…
Contrary to this, the personality for a brand is perceived, created and influenced by contact consumers have on the brand direct or indirect. When people associated with the brand becomes the brand imagery, the personality traits of the individuals gets associated with the brand making it the brand personality hence it can defined as "the set of human characteristics associated with the typical user of a brand", the people involved in creating the brand imagery vary in profiles starting from the CEO of the company to the users of the brand. According to Kassarjian (1971), brand personality has enjoyed some popularity and application among advertising practitioners, academic interest in the construct remained limited because its usefulness.A change was observed after the general scale of measurement of brand personality using the 5 dimensions which was proposed by Aaker in 1997. In contrast to the product-specific attributes and features which is considered as the performance centric measurement for customers, brand personality is perceived to be self-expressive oriented (Keller, 1993). Researchers have also found that brand personality helps the consumers to express themselves better getting closer to their real or ideal self while using the brand. The direct influences consists of the

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