Emotional Intelligence Case Study

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Emotional Intelligence
Emotional intelligence (EI) was the quality when we can understand and manage not only our own emotions, but also of those who were around you. For leaders and managers, emotional intelligence was an essential quality for success. After all, who was more likely to succeed – a leader who starts to shouts at his team when he was under stress, or a leader who always stays in control and calmly assesses the situation?
According to the famous American psychologist Daniel Goleman, there were five major elements of emotional intelligence: Self-awareness, Motivation, Self-regulation, Empathy and Social skills. The better a leader manages each of these areas, the higher was his emotional intelligence.
Lets analyse where does Mahendra Singh Dhoni stand on these scales.
Self-awareness: This was one quality where MS Dhoni gets full points. The most important thing about being self aware was being aware of not only your strengths but also your weaknesses. You have to be aware of both your strengths and weaknesses to catapult yourself from a small town to the
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Uninhibited style: Hailing from a very humble background, MS Dhoni never let this aspect hinder his performance, style or behaviour. In fact, he ended up to channelising this raw rustic energy to his on-field performances. Since the beginning of his career he was never shy of expressing himself freely in any given situation. In this competitive corporate world, we were often judged by our past or stereotyped and it was important to maintain a positive ego at all times. MS Dhoni has always shown utmost confidence and style on the field as well as when in the media. In 2005, India vs Australia ODI, MS Dhoni displayed great style and gave a very confident performance on the field. From the beginning of his career he became a style icon for the youth and always hit the news for his style. His background never bothered him and hence it never came in the way of his image in the media and
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