Five Elements Of Multimedia

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Multimedia applications can include many types of media. Basically, that have 5 important elements of the multimedia which is text, audio, graphics, video and animation as shown as the Figure 1. The primary characteristic of a multimedia system is the use of more than one kind of media to deliver content and functionality. Web and desktop computing programs can both involve multimedia components. As well as dif¬¬¬ferent media items, a multimedia application will normally involve programming code and enhanced user interaction. Multimedia items generally fall into one of five main categories which is text, graphics, audio, video and animation.

Figure 1: Five Elements of Multimedia

First is text, Text is the basis for word processing programs
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Then, printed text is a form of text which the text is appears on a paper. Next scanned text is a form of text which is scanned from the printed text by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. Apart from that, hypertext is a type of text that displayed on a computer screen or the others electronic devices which the text is linked to other text which can be accessed quickly by the reader. Also, all alphanumeric symbols (Figure 3) and numbers and statistics as well as blocks of text. (Sue.S, 2000) It may be an easy content type to forget when…show more content…
It is nearly impossible, for example, to provide an accurate textual description of the bear of a heart or the sound of the ocean. However, that is some different between the sound and audio although both of them seem similar. For example, door squeak, human communication and barking of a dog are counted as sound. Instead of that, audio is produced by vibration, as perceived by the sense of our hearing with some qualitative attribute and it refers to the sound which is recorded by an electronic device. Audio files appear as part of application content and also to aid interaction. When they appear within Web applications and sites, audio files sometimes need to be deployed using plug-in media players. Audio formats include MP3, WMA, Wave, MIDI and RealAudio. WAV is a type of recording sound and its sound can be recorded from tape recordings, microphone and the other recording devices. For example, when user save a sound file into WAV audio file, there was no data will lose and it was exactly as it was record; if user save a file into MP3 format, then there might a lot of data will be cut up, so that may influence the audio file’s appearance because the audio quality is sacrificed. That means WAV file is more suitable for the pro

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