Five Elements Of Primal Leadership

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Primal leadership, the unleashing of the power of emotional intelligence (EI) is “Everyone knows of a rude and coercive CEO who, by all appearances, epitomizes the antithesis of emotional intelligence yet seems to reap great business results. If a leader’s mood matters so much, how can we explain those mean-spirited, successful SOBs? Primal leadership: The hidden driver of great performance” (Goleman, 2013) Retrieved from ( [accessed Feb 12 2018]. Leadership in work environment is the ability to “deal with stress in such a way that they do not stir negative emotions in order to achieve primal leadership and gain emotional intelligence” (Goleman, 2013). However, primal leadership also require people to have trust in their leader to give instruction that will provide good results and direction that will lead to good outcomes. To do so include a primal leadership to be authentic leader as well.…show more content…
This essay is my reflection of what leadership means to me and the five elements of Emotional Intelligence (EI) that I considered to be the most essential in order to be an effective leader in primal leader are; (1) EI of primal leader for an innate trait, (2) EI of primal leader for democratic, (3) EI of primal leader for conventional, (4) EI of primal leader for the art of conversation, and (5) EI of primal leader for

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