Shangri-La Hotel Essay

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Our group had selected Shangri-La Hotel to conduct a research based on how each element of 4Ps is implemented in Shangri-La Hotel. The elements of 4Ps are product, price, place, and promotion. Different industry may have different ways to implement these four elements, so let’s see how each element is implemented by Shangri-La Hotel.
The first element that we’ve come through is product. Hotel rooms, restaurants, cafeterias are all goods and services that can be produce by a hotel. Shangri-La Hotel serves different types of rooms due to the different types of customers. Some customers visit for leisure purpose while some customers visit for business purpose. So, different types of customers have their own special needs for their rooms. Therefore, Shangri-La Hotel may serves the customers according to their needs towards the condition of the room. Besides that, the atmosphere of the dining places and the service quality of the employees is also shows as product of Shangri-La Hotel. As we are talking about different
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The place is meant by strategically location that carries crowds such as centre of the cities that could bring bunches of advantages towards the hotel to produce a profitable operation. Shangri-La Hotel is located in an easy reachable place to make sure that the customers could be able to spot its hotel easily. Shangri-La Hotel makes everything to become convenient with it strategically location towards its customers and its business. Shangri-La Hotel has airport connections with specific airport because it is located near to the airport. The customers of Shangri-La Hotel could either choose hotel limousine pick-up, train or taxi to reach Shangri-La Hotel. All these advantages will appears because of how strategic is Shangri-La Hotel located in. Hence, the hotel implemented the element of place in its hotel very well to maintain its profitable and well-known
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