Four Classroom Agreements

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Throughout the semester its been clear that the four agreements, which are staying engaged, experiencing discomfort, speaking your truth, and expecting and accepting non-closure have been used to guide us in discussions and activities in class. These four agreements have been particularly useful when it came to interacting with my peers and I looked forward to overcoming and facing some of the agreements that aren’t always easy to face. In this paper I will share five examples of how I expirenced each of these agreements in the classroom, and how they will be useful in the future.
The first agreement, which is staying engaged means that one remains morally, emotionally, intellectually, and socially involved. A specific example in where I used
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An instance in where I ultilizied this agreement was during our world café discussion board. After we had time to interact and talk with our classmates during class we wrote on the discussion board our thoughts, and expirences during our in class discussions. While writing this discussion I remained honest, and said what I felt during my expirence in the world café discussions I had, had with my groups. I spoke my truth about my feelings toward some of the subjects, which were very hard to speak upon and I also talked about new aspects I learned from my classmates. It was hard not to say what everyone wanted to hear, but instead state my honest opinion and feelings. I’m sure some people agreed and some didn’t, but that’s why this agreement is so important. People can learn a lot from my point of view, and I can learn a lot from others as…show more content…
A moment where I used this agreement during class was during our playspent discussion. I think this simulation really opened my eyes about poverty as well as privilege, and left me with a glimpse of how it would be to live poverty. During the simulation I wanted to rush into quick solutions in order to keep the little money I had, but it was really hard to do so and especially with all the hardships that came up. I really had to be patient and aware in order to make it through the simulation with some money left in my account. Finally, it really showed me that when living in poverty you have to remain patient, and make really tuff decisions especially when you have
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