Five Factors Of Motivation In Work

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Need of Employee motivation and Five Factors of Motivation in work

There is no company without any ups and downs. There are many times when people usually lose hope as well as interest to move ahead and it’s then when employee motivation is something that can assist you to cope up with the situations and turn the tables with outstanding performance. Those companies who are well aware of how to manage a well-motivated labor force surely enjoy the long-term possibility of their business through better sale and more return on investments (ROI).
Undoubtedly, every business has some specific, realistic and attainable goals. Employee motivation is the main factor for attaining these goals regardless of strong competition, lack of resources and
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Employees are the most valuable assets of any company. So it is the responsibility of an employer to keep motivating their employees so that they will give their best in serving their company. No matter whether an individual works in a private or government job, all he needs is motivation to make him give his best.
A motivated employee will obviously learn fast, work efficiently, eager to learn new things and will eventually love doing his work, while on the other side weakly motivated employee will work slowly, not interested in learning new things and will work for the sake of salary.
Motivation is basically a personal decision to accomplish something necessary, significant and sometimes difficult. Conscious motivations should be distinguished from mere instinctive and physiological functions such as breathing. All human actions and behaviors have corresponding motivations, but not all are actions have underlying conscious motivations.
When it comes to motivating employees, conscious motivations are mainly involved. External incentives and reinforcements might be introduced, but motivation remains to be personal in nature. As the saying goes, "you can lead a horse to water but you can 't force it to drink." This pretty much summarizes the nature of external positive
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Proper recognition of an excellent work is one good way to inspire employees to maintain the quality of work or strive harder. Recognition may range from a simple pat on the back and a sincere praise to formal awarding of certificates. Recognition may also involve special celebrations in the form of office party for a top-performing individual or team.
Training or coaching
Coaching is a cost-effective means of inspiring employees to be motivated. Oftentimes, it costs almost nothing for the company except for time and effort on the part of the manager. It can be done either individually or it can be done as a group activity. It can involve a one-on-one sit down conversation with an employee or as a formal office seminar.
Growth opportunities
Employees who think that they are working on dead-end jobs are usually unmotivated and may feel trapped in meaningless routines. They may stay on the job for practical reasons, but they may not give their best efforts. A job must offer growth opportunities in terms of leadership opportunities and promotions. It may not necessarily involve vertical promotion but a simple or transitory chance to lead a team and take on challenging and important tasks can motivate

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