Five Forces Analysis Of Samsung

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Porters Five Forces Analysis: Samsung Electronics Introduction Samsung Electronics focuses in three specific areas; Consumer Electronics, IT & Mobile Communications and Device Solution. Porter’s Five Forces model has been used to analyse Samsung Electronics competitive position within the global market they operate in. By using this model, an evaluation of their current position will highlight which of the five forces are “affecting the intensity of competition in an industry and its profitability level” (Jurevicius, 2013). Nevertheless, when conducting analysis on an international company such as this, studying of market trends is already carried out thoroughly to ensure that they are fully aware of that market, in order to achieve success and maintain within it. With this in mind, it would be considered that Samsung Electronics would have a relatively good competitive advantage against other rival companies. Threat of new entrants (Low) When looking at the threat of entry it would be considered to be relatively low. To enter into an industry that specialises in electronics requires high capital and it can be difficult to compete against current companies. Samsung Electronics have been able to maintain profitability through the differentiation in their products. Within their mobile industry the company often promote this with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 being offered as a “fitness phone” with the addition of “a growing range of smart wearables” being an example of
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