Five Forces Analysis: Strategic Industry Analysis Of Cosmetics

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Five Forces Industry analysis: Define the relevant Industry: Cosmetics are the set of tasks, techniques and arts related to cosmetic or, by extension, what enhances the pleasantness, the appearance and aesthetics. The word comes from the Greek: κόσμος (kósmos) meaning "order", from which kósmesis: tidying, embellish. Inside the entire Professional Cosmetic industry we can summarily distinguish a compartment focused on the production and ones dedicated to the distribution. The chosen constituent as subject of this assignment will be the distribution segment, Scope of products or services The core activity firms ', which operate in the considered Industry, consist in make the following categories of products available to the final users: • make up; • sunscreen products; • massage Oils; • essential oils; • creams for face and body; • salts and mud wraps; • cleaning and preparation; • peeling and masks; • hygiene disinfection; • pedicure and manicure ; • hair Removal. Geographic scope of competition For the considered industry, the geographical scope in which the firms compete is associated to the Italian territory. Some differentiation in the five competitive forces can be observed at regional level. Industry Participants. In professional cosmetic distribution industry we can recognize the following Industry Participants composition: The buyers and group of buyers. Beauty and Wellness Centres, Hotel Buyers and SPA, Beauticians, professional schools, aesthetic doctors and,

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