Five Foundations Of America's Political System

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Foundations of The Political System There are five foundations of America’s political system. These foundations are Popular Sovereignty, Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances, Federation, and Individual Rights. The first of the foundations is Popular Sovereignty, where,“the people possess the superior power over their political community, and can alter their government or amend the constitution.” (Ahmed Ehab,”Foundations of the American Political System”). The second foundation is the Separation of Powers, where the government is split into separate, equally-powerful branches. An example of this is the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the American government. The third foundation, Checks and Balances, involves the government’s divisions keeping each other in line, and from becoming too…show more content…
This idea is that the people’s rights are granted to them by their Creator, rather than their government. This idea was a new and unique one that no one had done before America. Other governments based themselves on the idea that the state was the entity that granted the people their rights. America’s hope behind this idea was to restrict the power of the central government as much as possible. There were even additional means created in order to restrict what power that the government did have. America’s society has some distinctive characteristics that separate it from that of the rest of the world. Although diverse, the American society is unified in the number of traits that they all share. All American citizens value their individuality as well as their equality. Americans are not afraid to voice their opinions or to oppose something that they disagree with. If there is something that is not right, Americans will not hesitate to work towards positive change of that cause. The American society as whole is fairly comfortable with being informal, with dress codes, proper manners, and life in
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