Essay On Kindergarten Goals

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Five Goals
1. Develop strategic plan for the program
2. Gain experience with children who are the first year in the kindergarten
3. Understand the relationship with teachers and administrators
4. Learn about a profession in the kindergarten
5. Find the specific area that I would like to work
How much information did I collect to develop the strategic plan?
I checked the kindergarten’s website, asked the presidents, and talked to other class teachers so that I can understand the kindergarten. The history of the ex-program for two years old, the reasons for creating a new program, the running cost and tuition of the program, teaching methods used in a new program and ex-program, and other kindergarten’s similar program were collected
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Hoverer, I attended meetings with administrators as a practicum student and learned how teacher and administrator work toward the same goals from different perspectives. Although they have the same goals and mission, there are some conflicts between them because of the different perspectives. All employee has a casual meeting every day after the class so that all teachers can share any information that they should know. These meetings help them to build a good relationship with others in the kindergarten. I knew the importance of communication, but learn how good communication makes a better…show more content…
When I participated in some events, I had chances to work with adolescents. It was so much fun, and totally different from the environment that works with children. However, I realized that I prefer to work with young children because working with children need more parenting and teaching than working with adolescents. I can see how young children interact with their friends in new environments through such parenting and teaching. In addition, young children show us various characteristics depending on situation or peers. Observing and sometimes supporting the interaction between children are so interesting although I always have to have attention to them. If I need to choose a specific age range, I would like to work with young children in the
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