Five Traits Of Personality

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Personality defines our character and how we interact with the world. Although there are many different hypotheses about what personality really is and how it was originally established, personality is generally based on early experiences and tends to stabilize over time. According to the most widely accepted model of personality, there are five basic personality traits that can determine our individual characteristics. One of the "five great traits" of openness, conscientiousness, extrovertness, pleasantness, and neurological disorder, there is a group of related traits that form emotions and perceptions. ours in many situations. As we grow older, our personality traits tend to evolve from the temperament we had when we were infants and toddlers.…show more content…
Then they were asked how many personality traits they wanted to change during the study. That includes offering a variety of ways to achieve this change, and this process is going on regularly through weekly online meetings. A quarter of the participants in this group were also involved in a condition of the "change plan" in which they were asked to give a short answer to the question "What if you achieved the change? The purpose of this step is to visualize the specific changes that you want to make. "In the weekly sessions, they are reminded of their goals and given the Writing exercises measure their progress. Half of the participants in the study were put in control and given simple exercises to give feedback on their personality and how it was…show more content…
Despite the guidance of the researchers, sixteen weeks were not long enough for a complete personality change. However, as Hudson and Fraley point out, changing the way of thinking, feeling and acting can lead to long-term changes in personality traits. One possible reason for this type of self-change is that people can also change their own social identity, including how they view themselves. In other words, those who find themselves more outward-oriented are more likely to find themselves more outgoing.
And what do these results show? Throughout our lives, we often become more pleasant and kind because of more emotional maturity. Is this just a natural part of the aging process or is it because our personality changes because we do things that make us more comfortable and more dedicated? Recognizing that changeable personality will make treatment more effective for people with personality problems as well as helping them overcome resistance to change themselves. Often the client states that they are not able to change when they do not really want to change or they are afraid to try

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