Five Important Milestones In Life

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Each of us has 5 important milestones in life:
- First milestone is when you go to school.
- Second milestone is when you graduate from the university.
- Third milestone is when you find a stable job.
- Fourth milestone is when you get married.
- Fifth milestone is when you become a parent.
Why do I listed 5 important milestone in life? It reminds me that we are going to second milestone when we graduate from the university.
It is also the reason why I am going to talk about 5 things you should do before turning 22 years old.
1. Reading a story or a book every week.
In modern-day life. We have many ways to acquire knowledge: laptop, smartphone, smart television … in a very attractive, colorful, and lively screens. Then, why do we have to read
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Find an extra work, part-time job. Maybe, it is not a high-income job. But it will help you understand the value of money. Making money is not easy.

3. Say “I love you” to someone. Have a relationship closer than friendship.
- Someone once said: “Youth is the best time ever”. Well, puppy love so much naïve. This love is not related to money. It left many cute memories that we cannot forget.
- In love, you will change yourself for each other. Love makes you more mature, more thoughtful. Love is so pleasant. So, why do not we try to love?
4. Participate in voluntary activities.
- Nowadays, there are many volunteer organizations. Each organization has different activities. But, in common they work for the community. Therefore, joining the volunteer activities, you have the opportunity to help people who have difficult circumstances. Promoting your role for community.
- Understand the power of unity, the meaning of life. Thus, you have optimistic lifestyle. Rectifying your lifestyle, more appreciate your life.
- Participation in voluntary activity. You can extend the relationships with many people, support for your future work. You will learn a lot of skills :
+ How to talk with other people?
+ How to comforting someone?
+ How to overcome difficulties in

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