Five Leadership Theories And Theory Of Leadership

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When we think of leaders there are a host of names that can come to mind from Gandhi, Malcolm X, and Bill Gates just to name a few. From these names it would be easy to conclude that these leaders possess some natural talent that made them who they are. Although natural talent is a factor to their success, there are certain leadership theories and styles that make them the leaders that they are. From these popular leaders known today to the manager of a local shop, each possess some traits that help develop their leadership styles or a theory that explains why they are in their current position. The following will discuss five leadership styles and theories that are characteristics of leaders, identify current leaders who possess these traits, and explore my own leadership style.
Leadership theories tend to be the basis to forming leadership styles, for example if you believe that you are born to lead and had success in doing so then trait theory may be what you based your style upon. Trait theory being one of the first theories to come about has remained a popular one. The philosophy behind this theory is that people are either born or are made with certain traits that will make them excel in leadership roles hence the name trait theory. Trait theorists often identify certain personality or behavioral traits shared by leaders. However, there has been a reoccurring issue with this theory. The issue is if particular traits are key features of leadership, then how do we
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