Five Major Features Of Culture In Kuwait

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Culture is the customs, lifestyles, social habits and shared pattern behaviors of cognitive constructs learned by socialization. It encompasses language, cuisine, the arts, and achievement ideals pertinent to a nation or organization of people. To loosely quote E.B. Taylor, creator of cultural anthropology, and the first to coin the term ‘culture’ in the eighteenth century, believes it is “the complex whole which includes knowledge, morals, beliefs…acquired by man as a member of society”. (A. Bhatt 2012) Culture is a way of life.
Five major features of culture are customs and traditions, religion, government and language. Every society tends to have its own unique culture. They are mostly are taught, creating a sense of normalcy, allowing a person to grasp onto it easily as it seems uniformed within a region, nation, organization, or body of people. It is transmitted from one generation to another through language, the main vehicle of culture. Language in different form makes it possible for present and coming generations to understand the achievement of earlier generations. Transmission of culture may take
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Altogether there are six governorates, or districts, in Kuwait. Each of these contain several “Mantaqa” like Mahboula or Fintas, which can be interpreted as towns, areas or regions, although they are each less than 2 square miles. With only 5 percent of the land suitable for farming, Kuwait is dependent on international trade for the provision of most basic necessities, including food, clothing, and construction materials. However, that dependency is tempered by the fact that Kuwait is one of the largest oil producing countries in the world, an energy source upon which virtually every developed nation is dependent. Kuwait's relationship with trading partners is thus defined by the countries respective
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