Five More Minutes Poem Analysis

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Songs are unique because not only are they poems, but they are musical, so they express much more emotion. Scotty McCreery’s song, “Five More Minutes,” is a great example of how metaphorical and sentimental a simple song can be. The song covers mundane events in the singer’s life, as well as impactful events, and relates them back to the same message; time goes by quickly, so cherish everything you have at the moment. Scotty McCreery recounts personal events, uses unique dialect, repeats key phrases, and uses metaphors to wonderfully convey the tone and message of his song. Most importantly, the artist connects with the audience on a personal level, which is unique and allows him to write in a simplistic manner. In the first verse, Scotty McCreery sings about a time he was fishing at the creek as a child. The first time he mentions the theme, which is hidden in the phrase, “five more minutes,” he talks about a simple event that does not hold much meaning or emotion, but he purposefully uses it. The lines that introduce this are “Mama’s on the porch yelling supper’s hot, y’all come and get it” and “We yelled five more minutes.” Scotty starts with a verse like this because it exemplifies how precious time is and how he always tries to create more time for what he loves. The verse also shows the dilemma that some people face of having to choose between doing one thing over another. Scotty was fishing when his mother called him for dinner, so he had to stop, but he wished he

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